We at CIS are about making your dreams and promises come true!

We are passionate about getting your money back, the money that your company has worked hard for and deserves; to get your customer to pay for what they wanted and bought, and what they promised to pay you for.
But the reason we are so passionate may or may not be what you think.
Yes. We want to recover the money that is due so that you can apply it to your company’s bottom-line, but there is a more underlining reason.
Whether your company is big or small, you all have employees; employees who have families to support, mortgages to pay, car loans, college tuition to pay. The list is long. Hopes and dreams depend on getting paid, and that is why we are so passionate about getting your money, for without it, layoffs occur, raises are not given. In short, dreams are crushed.
You may have stockholders who have invested small or large sums of money because they believe in your company and the future of your business. However, when losses add up, stockholders who deserve to realize a return on their investment in your company lose and they suffer as well.
So, it’s more than just being in the business of getting your money collected.
CIS is in the business of making sure that your company’s dreams and promises, indeed are realized and come true!