Commercial Collections

Each account is treated as a unique case and approached with a detective mindset to uncover every possible clue to the true identity and financial reality of the company and its owner.

Upfront due diligence incorporates the same database tools and investigative steps used in generating reports.
This financial intelligence is a central component of a complex interaction with many moving parts requiring extensive credit industry knowledge, ingenuity, and ability to think on our feet to overcome stalls, delays and resistance to pay.
Split second negotiating skills help finalize a positive outcome.
The overwhelming majority of debtors still in business, will pay.
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Financial Reporting

Corporate Intelligence Services licensed private investigator mines data using advanced database tools, including those used by major law enforcement agencies.

Each report is “client objective” driven.
Particular attention is given to owners and principals.
Research focuses on business affiliations and interests where monies owed can be transferred out of sight.
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