Corporate Intelligence Services LLC (C.I.S.), a financial and asset investigative and collections firm with offices in Concord, NH and Atlanta, GA, has announced that it has established a corporate bitcoin wallet to begin accepting bitcoin as an additional form of payment in its commercial debt collections division.

Roger Barter, co-owner of C.I.S. says, “Bitcoin has become more and more accepted as a form of payment. Bitcoin has several advantages over checks and credit cards. Transactions are instantly verifiable and are peer-to-peer without a 3rd party facilitator. P2P transactions have significantly lower transaction fees. Additionally, unlike merchant credit cards, Bitcoin payments are peer-to-peer and there is no 3rd party that can reverse the transaction, or give the payment back to the customer or debtor. In the world of high-balance collections, this is a game changer.”

In its eleventh year, Corporate Intelligence Services actively pursues leveraging the most cutting-edge technologies to offer their clientele better service, and this is why they believed it was time to accept and embrace Bitcoin as a payment mechanism.

Corporate Intelligence Services is a financial and asset investigative and business-to-business debt collection firm with offices in Concord, New Hampshire, and Atlanta, Georgia.