During these uncertain times, it is even more important than ever to have a complete understanding of your customer’s true financial condition.

It’s been reported that 36% of all small businesses may fail because of the coronavirus. Credit managers, CFOs and business owners need to have a solid understanding not only of their business customers but the principal owners as well. Relying on credit bureau reports will not be enough.

Even in good times they have never been a reliable predictor of how a company will perform. In the world of small businesses, which make up the overwhelming preponderance of any company’s portfolio, the line between the viability of the business and the condition of the principals are blurred at best. Events taking place in the personal lives of business owners such as illness, personal financial issues, divorce, criminal matters, and tax issues all play an important role in a business’s ability to honor their obligations.

CIS’s customized asset and liability investigation reports raise the curtain on both your customer’s true financial condition as well as its principal.

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Roger Barter and Steve Becker. Principals of CIS